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Is Chilly Billy's closing in Duluth MN?

We've recently caught wind of a bit of speculation circulating about Chilly Billy's potential closure in Duluth. Fear not, fro-yo fans, as we're here to set the record straight – Chilly Billy's is not closing in Duluth! In fact, we have some exciting news to share about the future of our beloved frozen yogurt haven.

Woodland Location Relocation:

It's true that our Woodland location will be on the move at the end of February. We're embarking on a new adventure, bringing the same delicious frozen treats you know and love to a fresh location. Our commitment to providing a delightful experience remains unwavering, and we're eager to unveil our new spot to our fantastic customers.

Miller Hill Mall - Here to Stay:

For those who frequent our Miller Hill Mall location, rest assured that it's staying open indefinitely. Continue enjoying your favorite frozen yogurt flavors, toppings, and the excellent service you've come to expect from Chilly Billy's.

Expanding Horizons in 2024:

But that's not all – brace yourselves for more Chilly Billy's goodness! In 2024, we have exciting plans to bring the joy of frozen yogurt to even more locations. Yes, you read that right – new Chilly Billy's spots are in the works, promising more opportunities to indulge in your favorite frozen treats.

We're immensely grateful for the support of our loyal customers, and we can't wait to continue serving up smiles, delicious frozen yogurt, and a welcoming atmosphere. Keep an eye out for updates on our new locations, and get ready to join us on this exciting journey.

Stay tuned, Duluth, because at Chilly Billy's, the frozen fun is only getting started!

Thank you for being a part of the Chilly Billy's family.

Cheers to frozen delights and new adventures!

The Chilly Billy's Team

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