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Chilly Billy's Unveils Weekly Duluth Trivia Night Happening Every Tuesday at 7pm

Chilly Billy's Unveils Weekly Trivia Night Happening Every Tuesday at 7pm

Get ready to put your thinking cap on and cool down with a drink because Chilly Billy's Breakfast, a favorite local spot, is rolling out its third edition of Trivia Night! Every Tuesday at 7 PM, you're invited to join in the fun, tackling a wide range of trivia questions perfect for anyone aged 15 to 35. Whether you're a trivia novice or a quiz expert, this is your chance to shine, alongside enjoying some delicious frozen yogurt.

What to Expect at Trivia Night

A Mix of Questions: Trivia Night at Chilly Billy's caters to a diverse crowd, ranging in age from 15 to 35, making it the ideal hangout for both high school students and young professionals. The trivia questions will cover a broad spectrum, from pop culture and history to science and everything in between. With both multiple choice and open-ended formats across five rounds, there’s something to challenge and entertain everyone.

The BrainFreeze Round: The night culminates in the exciting "BrainFreeze" round, styled after the final jeopardy format, where teams can wager their points on a high-stakes question. It’s the perfect opportunity to take a big risk or play it safe to win the night!

Just Show Up and Play

There's no need to register in advance, so you can just show up with your friends or alone and join a team on the spot. It's a relaxed, come-as-you-are atmosphere, perfect for breaking up the mid-week routine with some brain-busting fun.

Enjoy Drinks and Frozen Yogurt

While trivia is the main event, don't forget to enjoy a refreshing drink and a serving of Chilly Billy's famous frozen yogurt. Though food isn't available during trivia, the drinks and frozen yogurt offer the perfect complement to a night of friendly competition and laughter.

Great for Groups or Solo Participants

Trivia night is a fantastic way to meet new people or have a fun evening with friends. It’s not just about who knows the most, but who enjoys the process of learning and guessing together. Teams are encouraged, so bring your friends, or come solo and join others looking for extra team members.

Mark Your Calendars!

Remember, Trivia Night is every Tuesday at 7 PM at Chilly Billy's. Come for the trivia, stay for the chilled drinks and delicious frozen yogurt, and enjoy a night of entertainment, challenge, and community. We’re excited to see new faces and returning trivia enthusiasts alike for a night that promises to be full of fun and excitement.

Grab your friends, get ready to answer some trivia, and cool off with your favorite frozen treat at Chilly Billy's—where Tuesday nights are all about good times and great company!

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