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Chilly Billy's May Flavor Unveil - You Pick 4 Flavors!

As we welcome the vibrant blooms and cheerful sunshine of May, Chilly Billy's is excited to announce a special opportunity for all our beloved customers. This month, we're not just serving up our usual flavors—we're letting you decide which new tastes will hit our menu!

You Pick, We Mix!

For the first time ever, we're putting the flavor power in your hands. Chilly Billy's has always been about unique experiences and community engagement, and what better way to embody this spirit than by letting our customers curate our offerings? We've selected a list of tantalizing flavors, and the top four picks will be featured throughout the month of May.

Current May Flavors

  • Cake Batter

  • Vanilla

  • Chocolate

  • Dole Pineapple (V)

  • Dole Orange (V)

  • Cheesecake

Available Flavor Candidates:

  1. Banana Cream

  2. Birthday Cake Blue

  3. Butter Pecan

  4. Cake Batter

  5. Candy Dream

  6. Cappuccino Low Calorie

  7. Cheesecake

  8. Chocolate Low Calorie

  9. Chocolate

  10. Coconut

  11. Coffee

  12. Creamy Lemon

  13. Dark Chocolate

  14. Fior di Latte Low

  15. Gianduiotto

  16. Greek Yogurt

  17. Green Apple

  18. Green Mint

  19. Green Tea

  20. Happy Yo®

  21. Hazelnut

  22. Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows

  23. JOLLY RANCHER Blue Raspberry Sorbet

  24. JOLLY RANCHER Cherry Sorbet

  25. Key Lime Pie

  26. Kiddie Flavor Pack

  27. Lemon

  28. Lime

  29. Limoncello

  30. Mango

  31. Mascarpone Imperial

  32. Mint White Chocolate

  33. Orange Cake

  34. Panettone

  35. Peach

  36. Peanut

  37. Pear

  38. Pink Grapefruit

  39. Pistachio Pure Gold

  40. Pumpkin Pie

  41. Raspberry

  42. Red Velvet Cake

  43. Salted Caramel

  44. Snickerdoodle

  45. Spicy Chocolate

  46. Strawberry

  47. Strawberry Yogurt

  48. Taro

  49. Tiramisu

  50. Tropical

  51. Vanilla Caramel Crème

  52. Vanilla

  53. White Chocolate

  54. Wild Berries

Chilly Billy's May Flavors - Cast Your Vote!

We're eager to hear what you want. Click the link below to go to our survey and vote for your favorite flavors. Remember, your choice will help shape our menu, making this a truly community-driven selection!

Voting starts now and will close at the end of the week. Don't miss your chance to influence the Chilly Billy's menu and possibly discover your new favorite treat.


Join Us In May

Once the votes are in, come by Chilly Billy's to enjoy the winning flavors. Bring your friends, family, or just come by yourself to indulge in the tastes that you helped choose. It's going to be a delicious month, and we can't wait to share it with you.

At Chilly Billy's, we're all about creating moments of joy and delight with every scoop. We thank you for your participation and look forward to seeing which flavors rise to the top. Let the Flavor party begin!

Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to follow us on our social media channels to get the latest on events, offers, and more at Chilly Billy's!

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