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Chilly Billy's Unveils Decembers Flavor Selection

We know it's the time you all have been waiting for! It's time to unveil the flavors that have been picked for our December 2023 lineup. Now if you haven't heard Chilly Billy's has received new owners and with the new ownership they decided to spice things up and bring in some new and exciting flavors for our Chilly Billy enthusiasts out there. With that, the leadership has decided to spice things up and give you two unique lineups for December. Without further ado here is your December flavor list!

Week 1&2 Flavors


Dole Pineapple

Cable Car Chocolate Eggnog

Cake Batter

Pomegranate Raspberry Cinnamon Roll

Very Fancy Vanilla Pistachio (BlueStone Exclusive) Toasted Marshmallow (Bluestone Exclusive)

Week 3&4 Flavors

Cable Car Chocolate Cake Batter Island Banana

Peppermint Stick


Strawberry Shortcake Very Fancy Vanilla Watermelon Cappuccino (BlueStone Exclusive) Mountain Blackberry (BlueStone Exclusive) Stay tuned as these are going to drop on December 1st!

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