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Chilly Billy's Opens New Location and Unveils Breakfast Menu

It's with great excitement that we announce the opening of our latest Chilly Billy's location at 1608 Woodland Ave! This new spot marks a significant expansion for us, and we're thrilled to invite all of our beloved patrons to experience what we've been cooking up. Chilly Billy's has always been your go-to destination for delicious frozen yogurt treats, and we're proud to keep that tradition alive. But that's not all we have in store for you.

Introducing Sit-Down Breakfast: A New Dawn at Chilly Billy's

For the first time ever, we're delighted to introduce a sit-down breakfast service at our new location, available every day from 7 AM to 3 PM. We've noticed how much our community loves to gather and start their day with good food and even better company. Inspired by this, we've meticulously crafted a breakfast menu that promises to cater to all your morning cravings. From classic breakfast staples to innovative dishes that will intrigue your taste buds, our breakfast is here to transform your mornings.

Whether you're an early riser seeking a peaceful breakfast nook or a brunch enthusiast looking for your next favorite spot, we've got something special for you. Imagine sipping on freshly brewed coffee, biting into a fluffy pancake, or diving into a savory egg dish—all in the cozy, inviting atmosphere of Chilly Billy's.

Frozen Yogurt: Continuing the Tradition

And let's not forget what made us a favorite in the first place—our frozen yogurt! Available from 3 PM to 9:30 PM daily, our frozen yogurt bar continues to offer a wide array of flavors and toppings. Whether you're finishing off a delicious breakfast with a sweet treat or stopping by for an afternoon pick-me-up, our frozen yogurt is here to delight you, just as it always has.

More Than Just Food at Chilly Billy's New Location

Our new Chilly Billy's location on 1608 Woodland Ave is designed to be a place where the community comes together. With a welcoming atmosphere and plenty of seating, it's the perfect spot for any occasion—be it a study session, a casual business meeting, or a family outing.

We're not just serving food; we're serving up moments to remember. So, come join us at our new location, where the aroma of morning coffee and the promise of friendly smiles await you. At Chilly Billy's, we're more than just your favorite frozen yogurt spot—we're your new breakfast haven.

About Chilly Billy's

Chilly Billy's has been a favorite in Duluth for delicious frozen yogurt. Known for its wide variety of flavors and toppings, Chilly Billy's has now expanded its offerings to include a delectable breakfast menu, making it the go-to place for both early birds and dessert lovers. 

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