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Chilly Billy Moving Update - Where Are We Going

Hey there, FroYo lovers!

We’ve got some irresistibly cool news that’s just too sweet to keep under wraps... well, almost! Chilly Billy’s is gearing up for a big move, and yes, we’ve already picked out our new spot. But, here’s the twist - we’re keeping it on the down low for just a little while longer. 🤫

Imagine us like a bowl of your favorite FroYo, topped with the richest vanilla bean flavor, but we've covered it with a mystery topping that’s yet to be revealed. We're bursting with excitement to share our new location with you, but for now, we're savoring the anticipation. It's like waiting for the perfect moment to dig into that creamy, dreamy vanilla goodness, knowing the first bite will be worth the wait.

We promise, our new spot is as perfect as finding that ideal balance of flavors in your go-to frozen yogurt mix - think of the classic appeal of vanilla paired with the exciting twist of your favorite toppings. We’ve found a location that’s just the right blend of everything Chilly Billy’s stands for: fun, flavor, and community.

So, why keep it a secret? Just like the delicate process of infusing the subtle, rich essence of vanilla into the perfect FroYo base, we’re crafting an unveiling that’s as memorable and exciting as the flavors we serve. We're stirring up a little mystery, a dash of anticipation, and a whole lot of excitement to make our big reveal as delightful as discovering your new favorite FroYo combination.

In the meantime, let your imagination swirl with possibilities. Think of all the classic, comforting, and adventurous flavors we could be mixing up in our new location. From the timeless elegance of vanilla to the boldness of new bean-inspired creations, we're preparing to serve up an experience that's worth the wait.

Keep your spoons ready and your taste buds on alert! We’re almost ready to lift the lid on our new home and invite you all to dive into the next chapter of Chilly Billy’s FroYo adventures. It’s going to be a blend of all the things you love about us, with a few new twists and surprises thrown in for good measure.

Stay cool, stay curious, and most importantly, stay tuned. Our new location reveal is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to share it with you. It’ll be like the first taste of vanilla bean FroYo on a hot day - absolutely perfect.

Catch you soon with more updates and, of course, more delicious FroYo!

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