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Our Menu

Bone-In Wings by the Pound                  $10 per pound 

Boneless Wings by the Pound                $10 per pound

Tasty Tenders                                            $10 per pound

Fries by the Pound                                   $6  per pound

Tots by the Pound                                    $6  per Pound

Wing Flavors 

  1. Celestial Fire Buffalo - A fiery blend that whispers tales of celestial flames, designed for the bravest souls.

  2. Elysian Lemon Glaze - A heavenly concoction, its zest kissed by the golden light of paradise itself.

  3. Sacred Smoke BBQ - Infused with the essence of holy smokes, this sauce carries the depth of ancient barbeque rituals.

  4. Mystic Dragon's Zing - An Asian-inspired sauce, with a kick as potent and mysterious as a dragon's breath.

  5. Seraphim's Honey Garlic - A sweet and savory melody, blessed by the seraphim for a divine culinary experience.

  6. Monk's Secret Spice - A sacred recipe, perfected within the monastery's secluded kitchen, its contents a mystery to all but the Winged Monk himself.

  7. Heavenly Harissa - A spicy, North African-inspired sauce, its heat and complexity worthy of the gods.

  8. Garden of Eden Apple BBQ - A sauce that evokes the forbidden sweetness and smoky temptation of paradise lost.

  9. Nectar of Nirvana - A blissfully sweet and spicy sauce, guiding the taste buds to enlightenment.

  10. Aurora's Garlic Parmesan - Named after the northern lights, this sauce shimmers with the magical blend of garlic and parmesan.

How The Divine Fryer Came to Be 

In a realm where the mighty Lake Superior guards the land and the city of Duluth rises from the hills, there was born a tale not of knights and dragons, but of flavors and dreams. This is the legend of the Divine Fryer, a place where culinary magic and earthly delights converge in the humble guise of chicken wings, crafted by none other than a monk who dared to dream.

Once upon a time, nestled among ancient texts and silent prayers, lived Brother Gabriel, a monk whose soul was filled with a divine light. Yet, amidst the tranquility of his spiritual journey, a different kind of calling stirred within him. It was not the call of the heavens, but the earthly allure of creating the perfect chicken wing. This longing, both profound and peculiar, whispered to him of a destiny beyond the monastery walls.

Under the cover of night, with the stars as his witnesses, Brother Gabriel made a vow. He would embark on a quest not for celestial enlightenment but for culinary excellence. Shedding his monk's robes for an apron, he set forth into the world, his heart alight with the flames of passion for his craft.

His pilgrimage took him across lands far and wide, through bustling markets and serene villages, in search of the secret to the ultimate wing. Yet, it was in Duluth, where the hill city meets the vast, whispering lake, that Brother Gabriel found his sanctuary. Inspired by the beauty of the land and the purity of the waters, he established the Divine Fryer.

The Divine Fryer was no mere eatery; it was a sanctuary where the sacred art of wing crafting was pursued with a fervor that rivaled Brother Gabriel's former monastic devotion. Here, within the warm glow of the kitchen, the Divine Fryer offered a menu of wings that were nothing short of miraculous. Each flavor, from the fiery "Heaven's Ember" to the heavenly "Seraph's Whisper," was a tribute to Brother Gabriel's journey—a journey of transformation from monk to culinary maestro.

Word of the Divine Fryer spread across realms, drawing both mortals and the curious eyes of celestial beings. They came not only for the wings, which were said to possess the power to enchant the palate and uplift the soul but also for the legend of the Winged Monk himself. Brother Gabriel, with his gentle smile and hands that wrought magic, became a symbol of hope and inspiration, a reminder that the path to true joy sometimes requires us to follow our deepest passions, no matter how unconventional.

The Divine Fryer, nestled in the embrace of Duluth's hills, with Lake Superior's eternal watch, became a beacon of culinary delight and spiritual fulfillment. It was a place where every bite was a testament to the beauty of pursuing one's dreams, where every flavor whispered tales of a monk who dared to dream of wings.

And so, the legend of the Divine Fryer endures, a fairy tale not of princes and princesses, but of wings and wonders, a reminder that the most divine journeys are those that lead us to the fulfillment of our heart's truest desires. In the shadow of the lake, under the gaze of the stars, the Divine Fryer stands as a testament to the magic of following one's heart, even if it leads to the kitchen.

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